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Updated: 14-12-2019 00:08
alaScore 100

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

The Ambeo Soundbar is big, but the sound it makes is bigger still

10 expert reviews

alaScore 99

Ikea Symfonisk

IKEA and Sonos are the WiFi speaker partnership we never knew we needed, but SYMFONISK could well propel the category into the mainstream. Combining the focus of the price-obsessed Swedish retailer with the increasingly-capable connected speaker...

9 expert reviews

alaScore 99

Bose Portable Home Speaker

The Bose Portable Home Speaker is one of the more intuitive smart models we've tested, and if you have other Bose smart speakers, it will fit right into your multi-room setup. While it delivers impressive power for its size, the overall audio...

4 expert reviews

alaScore 98

Sony SRS-XB32

There’s not a lot more to add to about the SRS-XB32. I have yet to hear another price- and size-comparable speaker that matches it for audio quality at reasonable volumes and it has all the fun features the party requires. Good stuff from Sony.

5 expert reviews | 35 user reviews

alaScore 98

JBL Charge 4

The JBL Charge 4 only offers minor updates to the previous generation but it remains an excellent value in wireless speakers. The Charge 4 can pump out gobs of bass that doesn’t overwhelm, lasts forever, and can top up your phone in pinch. If the bulky...

13 expert reviews | 74 user reviews

alaScore 98

Bose Home Speaker 300

The offers high-quality and loud audio in a relatively affordable package. It is a great choice, particularly if you're looking for just a single speaker, and want the convenience of a Bluetooth connection.

4 expert reviews

alaScore 98

Roku Wireless Subwoofer

Bottom Line: The Roku Wireless Subwoofer is a simple, easy way to add plenty of bass power to your Roku TV Wireless Speakers or Roku Smart Soundbar.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 98

JBL Pulse 4

We'll need to wait to get the JBL Pulse 4 in for full review but from what we have seen so far, we love it. It sounds good, it looks great and the refinements in design make it a brilliant step up from its predecessor. We can't wait to party in the...

4 expert reviews

alaScore 98

Roku Smart Soundbar

Bottom Line: The Roku Smart Soundbar is a capable stereo speaker that adds all of the capabilities of a 4K Roku media streamer to the mix.

4 expert reviews

alaScore 97

Q Acoustics Concept 300

Innovative tensegrity stand and inspired cabinet design elevate this standmount to premier league status.

4 expert reviews

alaScore 97

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

Not bigger but definitely better – the Megaboom 3 is probably the best speaker Ultimate Ears has released so far.

22 expert reviews | 3 user reviews

alaScore 97

JBL PartyBox 300

When I first saw the JBL PartyBox 300 Bluetooth speaker, I was very eager to try it. From the first time I saw the pictures, I kept looking at them over and over again. I did see it in my mind as a bit smaller than it is. I preferred a larger speaker,...

4 expert reviews | 7 user reviews

alaScore 97

LG SL8YG Soundbar Schwarz

And, while there are other soundbars at around this price that sound better and create a more convincing surround sound effect, few can match the SL8YG’s audio format support and overall balance of features.

2 expert reviews | 2 user reviews

alaScore 97

JBL Xtreme 2

For around £235, it’s a great, albeit more expensive alternative to the Ultimate Ears Megablast that now just costs £180. I’d still pick the Megablast if you aren’t concerned about portability, and would like Amazon Alexa to answer your every beck and...

13 expert reviews | 44 user reviews

alaScore 97

Sony SRS-XB12

If you really want some bass power, you can't get it from a speaker this size, but I'll admit at times, I forgot I was listening to a tiny speaker—bass drums in particular can pack a surprising punch through the Sony SRS-XB12's modest frame. For $60,...

2 expert reviews | 18 user reviews

alaScore 97

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge

It will divide people with its looks, and it will exclude some people with its price, but the Formation Wedge is Bowers & Wilkins doing what it does best, delivering bold looks and bigger sound.

6 expert reviews

alaScore 97

Libratone Zipp 2

You can find better sounding wireless speakers at the price, but few more flexible ones

10 expert reviews

alaScore 97

LG SL9YG soundbar speaker

The LG SL9YG brings the soundbar into the AI-era thanks to the inclusion of Google Assistant. It also makes up for last year’s shortcomings by adding DTS:X to the existing Dolby Atmos support. The result is a slimline footprint with a big, if rather...

3 expert reviews

alaScore 97

JBL Link Bar

An excellent one-box upgrade for non-smart TVs, but the Link Bar isn’t the very best soundbar at this price

6 expert reviews

alaScore 96

Q Acoustics 3020i

Whether they’re sat atop dedicated speaker stands or an Ikea bookshelf, the Q Acoustics 3020i make sure that the spotlight shines on the music alone. That’s really all you can ask from any speaker, at any price.

5 expert reviews

alaScore 96

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Ultimate Ears’ latest Boom 3 offers adventure-ready rugged features and good, if not class-leading, sound

8 expert reviews | 9 user reviews

alaScore 96

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

The Wonderboom is one the best speakers you can get for less than £100.

33 expert reviews | 412 user reviews

alaScore 96

Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation

Naim takes everything that was great about the Mu-so and makes it even better

4 expert reviews | 11 user reviews

alaScore 96

Ultimate Ears - WONDERBOOM LE Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black § 984-001661

The Wonderboom is one the best speakers you can get for less than £100.

2 expert reviews

alaScore 96

Samsung HW-N850

The Samsung HW-N850 has width and upward-firing drivers, a wireless subwoofer and it supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. However it lacks the flagship HW-N950’s rear speakers; so while it sounds great, the audio is weighted towards the front of the room.

6 expert reviews | 34 user reviews


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