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alaTest is the world's leading aggregator and analyst of Product Reviews, using award winning technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Scrum/Kanban. We aggregate millions of product reviews every day from more than 3,000 international websites and magazines.

Brands use our online tools to manage their review content and understand consumer opinions. Consumers can visit our websites, currently in 19 countries and languages, to discover what products are the best for them.

Together with European insurance services provider we developed a cloud based product appraisal tool, that is now quickly becoming popular in Insuretech.

alaTest headquarters is in Central Stockholm with beautiful view over the Riddarfjärden, Old Town and City Hall.


Current Vacancies in Stockholm

Software Developers

Are you looking for a unique career opportunity? We are a Stockholm based technology developer looking for full stack developers with hands on experience in Python and AngularJS.

We look for people that like to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Your Profile

We have multiple positions available:

  • Software Architect
    • Team leadership skills
    • At least 5 years professional experience with Python
    • Knowledge in software design and application development
    • Experience with automation in deployments (CI)

  • Senior Developer
    • At least 4 years professional experience with Python
    • Experience working with databases and datasets (MySQL)
    • Verifiable experience with Angular 2/4 (please supply examples)
    • Solid understanding of source control and cloud environments

  • Full stack Developer
    • At least 3 years professional experience with Python
    • Entry level experience with Angular 2/4

About you

We are hiring dynamic individuals - always looking to improve themselves and their projects. As we are developing applications that are already live in some stage - experience with client interaction will be a plus.

Supplemental technologies that are beneficial to us are: Git, Java, Ansible, NoSQL database, BigData algorithms and data manipulation, HA application design, BI data handling, ElasticSearch, Agile task management methodology, web scraping, GCP and Super Mario Kart.

About us

alaTest was founded in 2005 as the pioneer of the reviews and product aggregation sector. We collect, structure, match, analyse, present and syndicate product and review data, globally.

Our team is diverse, currently hailing from every continent except Antarctica. We welcome all nationalities and backgrounds - provided that you are legally employable in Sweden.
Our company language is English.

Please send your CV and cover letter to jobs[at]alatest[dot]com.
Note: We require a small coding challenge to be completed by all applicants that pass the first review round.